Amy Turgeon-Sevigny is the co-founder of
The Sisters Wish. She works as a pediatric
nurse and is the mother of five. Amy’s favorite
hobby is shopping at WALMART!!!

Beth Turgeon Letourneau is the co-founder of
The Sisters Wish. She works as a school
counselor and considers watching any
episode/season of The Real Housewives
her favorite hobby !!!

Carey Glines is a college student services
director and is married to Jeremy. They have two children and another on the way! Carey has a passion for life and considers collecting
flip-flops as one of her favorite hobbies.


Paula Reid is a spicy lady who adds a lot of
pizazz to The Sisters Wish. She works in the
shoe industry and is very involved in her community.

Jill Partridge is the co-owner and business
manager of Head to Toe Physical Therapy.
She is as funny as she is smart and lives in

Ashley Gerry is a fun-loving and dedicated
member of The Sisters Wish board. She has
recently earned her M.B.A. and is using those
skills to promote The Sisters Wish.

Craig Welton is the Director of Best Buddies of
Massachusettes. He is married to Emily and is
the proud father of three.

Maura (McNamee) Dudas was first introduced to The Sisters Wish on an airplane to Punta Cana! Maura believes their paths crossed on their 6 hour flight for a reason! Maura as well as the sisters had experienced loss and grief but have made it there mission to give back to those in need. Maura serves on a board in Massachusetts called “The Friends of Chris Lynch”. A nonprofit started in memory of her dear friend Christopher Lynch who lost his battle to Leukemia in 2014. Maura has her masters in Communications from Southern New Hampshire University and looks forward to communicating The Sisters Wish mission on the groups social media accounts! She enjoys, floral design, real housewives, pug dogs and the winter! Maura is thrilled to be part of this amazing organization!